Optimistic Futures—Exploring Potential Futures for Aotearoa New Zealand in 2070

21 Feb 2018

Ground Floor Rutherford House, Victoria University, Pipitea Campus, Wellington, New Zealand Map

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The rate and scale of change in our lives is increasing every day. We have seen huge paradigm shifts in recent decades that present great risks—and great opportunities. And yet, most discussions about the future are limited to the impact of a particular trend or technology, often painting dystopian projections based on Hobbesian assumptions about human nature.

If we only iterate away from pain, how will we design, let alone move towards, a better future? How might we design an inclusive and diverse approach to creating these future so we don’t unintentionally exclude people from the opportunities?

Join us at Optimistic Futures to explore where we want to go and how we might evolve our government, public institutions and societal structure to be resilient and prosperous into the future.

Listen to ten diverse speakers who explore potential future states in 2070 for how we could live as individuals, organisations and community. Exploring big picture opptimistic futures gives us a chance to work towards something meaningful. Get together with other bright minds from across Aotearoa and the world who are passionate about the future of New Zealand. Be challenged, inspired and share your view on what an optimistic future for governments might look like.

This free event is designed to encourage diverse views, participation, peer review and a collective approach to exploring optimistic futures and the roles of our public institutions therein. All participants will hear ideas they like and dislike because we believe it is in embracing and exploring diverse ideas that we may find what brings us together.

The event will consist of two sessions:

  • Ten purposefully different speakers will share their diverse viewpoints and present their 50-year-out optimistic futures. This is a big session in a lecture hall with attendees encouraged to capture in realtime (using online tools or Tweets) what you are comfortable or uncomfortable with, and why.

  • Following a short break we will discuss our individual reactions to the presentations and contribute to any major gaps in these optimistic projections in a collaborative, facilitated session. We will explore the potential roles of government in these optimistic futures. What should or should not government do, what are the areas of disagreement or debate and why?

This event will be live streamed and documented. The content may be used for marketing and social media. Speakers to be announced in the coming days.

Hosted by InternetNZ, in partnership with the Department for Internal Affairs Service Innovation Lab and Victoria University of Wellington, Victoria Business School

Facilitated by Silvia Zuur & Gina Rembe from EXP

Photo credit: Arthur John Picton CC-BY-NC

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